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Statins: Medication for Lowering Cholesterol

Medication for lowering cholesterol is the largest selling prescription medication in the market, therefore a huge business for pharmaceutical companies. One of the most effective medications for lowering cholesterol are statins. Statins have been known for some serious side effects which are fortunately rare, that said, some specific statins have shown to have some pretty high occurrence of serious side effects, including instances of death. There is a group of scientists and doctors that believe that cholesterol-lowering medications do more harm than good, there is actually a movement against using these medications, it’s called The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics. Obviously, those who have had or have seen serious side effects from statins happening are against the medication, on the other hand numbers show that since using the medication the occurrence of death from heart attacks has decreased.

I did quite a bit of research on this, and from the looks of it there a certain age groups that don’t seem to benefit from taking these medications, particularly those over 70 years old. Moreover, many studies show questionable results regarding the benefit of use associated with these medications for women, however, the general consensus among doctors is that the medication is overall beneficial, though many believe that it’s overused and for instances where the problem can be solved by nature a means, like exercise and proper diet, a certain number of physicians just prescribe the medication anyways, instead of following through and making sure that patients stick to a healthy proper diet and regular exercise regime. Obviously in today’s pace of life a lot of people just choose the easy way of taking the cholesterol-lowering medication and not bothering with lifestyle changes necessary to take the issue under control, and quite honestly, knowing how insane the pace could be, it’s difficult to blame them.

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